Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winnfield Hotel

I had a customer today that wanted some of my
local landmark prints, hand watercolored for
her home. This is a print of the Winnfield Hotel,
that is no longer standing, unfortunately. It was
built around 1922, and was on Main Street in
downtown. I heard tales that it housed many
famous visitors in it's time. It was used in the
filming of the movie, "Blaze" that starred Paul
Newman. I watched them shoot several scenes
in and around this old building. Lots of memories
there for lots of people....
The original drawing is in ink, and this is a hand
watercolored print. I have them for sale in the
shop, where above the front door, hangs the old
clock that was in the Winnfield Hotel's lobby.

Winnfield Hotel Print $10.00 11 x 14
Watercolored $25.00
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