Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day in Class

This is the Headwaters Arts and Conference

Center which serves as the headquarters for

the workshop.

I attended the opening session of the watercolor

workshop with Stephen Quiller all day today. He

teaches using a particular set of pigments and a

special arrangement on the palette. He then stresses

color mixing according to opposite pairs of colors.

So, our lessons today involved painting with only

two colors and the corresponding greys that can be

made with them. It was very challenging, and I

rose to the challenge! That is my palette, my abstract

designs, and a finished wc using two colors...

During the afternoon, Mr Mort Solberg did

a demonstration as well. Here he is in the

beginning stages of a floral watercolor that

he finished later in the pm.

This is Mr. Quiller and a demo painting he did

during our class. I love the way he simplifies the

shapes in a landscape in an abstract way. I am going

to try to loosen up and simplify mine as well.

Tomorrow we are going to paint outside, weather

permitting! It snowed today?!

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