Friday, September 23, 2011

Mountains, Fisherman, and a Legend

One of the guest artists at the workshop was

John Seerey-Lester. He is a legend among

wildlife artists. He is from Manchester, England,

and now lives in Florida. He is known for his

big game paintings of African and North American

wildlife. I was able to watch him do a demonstration,

and did this sketch of the artist.

This is a watercolor of the Tetons that I

added to the sketchbook. Mountains,


One of the things I was very excited to get

to witness was a fly fisherman in one of the

rivers. I had always wanted to paint one, but

had never had the chance to photograph one.

And you know how everyone frowns on using

someone else's photo! So, here is a watercolor

sketch of one of my photos that I took along

Horse Creek outside of Dubois. I even asked the

man's permission!
The poem at the bottom says:

"There is not in the wide world

a valley so sweet

As that vale in whose bosom

the bright waters meet"

Thomas Moore

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