Monday, September 5, 2011

Fields of Color

Late this afternoon, all three cats (this is

Huey) took a walk in the woods near

the house.

suprisingly, there is already some

fall color in the leaves

but there were also a lot of

blooming things I don't know the

name of any of these plants?! I grew

up in South Texas, and I know a lot

about cactus!

another unknown berry...I am sure

some of you can tell me what it is

called...please do

and look at the beautiful color on these~

I did not enhance it at all; it was that

pink! tell me what these are too!

these were the same thing, only not

as ripe, I guess

and this thing was on a bush that

had long blooms on it too. this was

the "fruit" growing where the

blooms had you can

name this one for me as well....

Feel free to comment and tell me

what some of these things are~

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