Sunday, September 18, 2011

Morning Out at the Lake

Mr. Quiller took us out to Brooks Lake in

the Shoshone National Forest early this morning.

It was 42 degrees, and the wind was blowing! This

southern girl was prepared with lots of layers on.

This is my initial sketch of the lake scene.

This is my painting near completion. I left
after this stage so I could find somewhere to
warm up!

This is how the scene looked that we were
supposed to paint today. Not a bad view.
While we were there, some Canada geese
flew over, honking, and landed in the lake.
A hawk soared high above us. And there were
a few snowflakes blowing around at one
point. A real Wyoming experience!

This is my friend Ronnie Kidwell working
on his oil painting out there with us
by the lake. He didn't stay long either!

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