Monday, April 23, 2012

Incas and Catholics

The city of Cusco, 400,000 population

The last Inca King, and the Catholic
church in the background

Cathedral on the Main Square

We are still in Cusco, Peru, and today, we did
the city tour.  We went to some of the ancient
Incan ruins in town, an Incan burial site, a
catholic cathedral, and the Main City Square.

It was interesting to learn that the Incas built
their temples to the Sun, and did some unbelievable
construction with the cutting of their stonework, etc.
When the Spanish came, they used the Incan
stones to build their churches, as they taught
and converted the Inca people.  So, there is a
real combination of the cultures present in the
city architecture. 

Tomorrow we tour the Sacred Valley...and we
will see some of the native people, llamas, and
some of the village life. 
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