Monday, April 9, 2012

A Tiger in Stages

close up of the frisket

a lot more detail

more detail added

First stage of the tiger painting
The senior class has made their selection of the tiger
they want for their donation to the high school.  This
is the chosen pose.  I started on this watercolor painting
today.  The first step is get it drawn off.  Then I add the
lightest washes of color...pale orange and gold for the
fur, and light blue and gray for the white fur shadows.

Then I started to add the darker washes, and some of the
black stripes.   I added more and more detail, building up
the washes as I went.  Any area that is still
white is simply unpainted paper.

The last stage I did tonight was to mask off the edges of the
tiger, and especially the white fur on his chin, etc. This helps
save the white paper when I add the really wet background.
The frisket is like rubber cement and seals off the paper and
will repel the water.  So I can freely paint the background
without overlapping the outline.  And it will leave some white
whiskers and fur.  It has to dry awhile.  I will paint the
background and try to finish up tomorrow.

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