Monday, April 16, 2012

A Teach-able Moment

Katie's hands on the wheel

A smile about the outcome!


Finishing touches, and a little help
from a paper towel

Daniel teaching watercolor today

We had a lot going on this afternoon in the studio: I
was helping Katie with her clay project, and Mr.
Rockett was teaching watercolor painting to his
students.  Katie is working on her Senior Project,
a high school class that requires the students to
learn a skill that they have never tried before.
And they must complete a research paper, and
finish a project, as well as do a demonstration.
She still has a couple of weeks left, but I won't
be we are trying to get through. Fun,
fun...! (Don't we all work better under

I am continuing to post some things on the
Fine Art America site for sale...
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