Friday, April 20, 2012

We're Here!

Our hotel in Lima

Down by the sea near our hotel

The view of the ocean

some of the modern buildings

We ate lunch here

the first apartment building...French design

Some of the city gov't buildings

I am in Lima, Peru, with a group led by
Go Ahead Tour company.  There are 40 of us altogether;
5 in our Louisiana group.  We flew from New Orleans
to Miami, then on to Lima.  We arrived LATE on Thursday
night (acutally Friday am).  Today was our first day,
and we spent it sightseeing. 
We walked down to the ocean from our hotel.  There are
beautiful cliffs overlooking the water, and we had lunch
there.  Then we took a city tour on the bus, hitting all the
major sites in the city.  Lima has 8 million people!, and
lots of traffic!  We saw some beautiful architecture and
churches.  I will post more as we go.  Stay tuned!
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