Monday, April 30, 2012

Shop till you Drop

straw baskets

straw purses

cute little gourd birds

gilded mirrors


Alpaca scarves

Alpaca sweater
Who doesn't love to shop?  We all had the chance
to do some while in Peru.  Here is just a small sample
of some of the beautiful goods that were available.

The most sought after items were the alpaca sweaters
and scarves.  We went to a shop where they taught us
how to tell the difference between real alpaca and 
fake items.  The best quality alpaca is referred to as
"baby alpaca".  The animals are around 2 years old
when they are sheared for the first time, and that wool
is called "baby alpaca", and it is very fine and soft.
Every shearing after that is simply "alpaca".  And it
is all fairly expensive, and all extremely beautiful.

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