Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Reception

Refreshments at the reception

Great friends and artists as well!

Two art teachers viewing the show

We held a reception tonight at the gallery for the student show.  We had
a light turnout, but several of my art friends did attend.  The first two ladies
are from the nearby town of Olla, LA.  Several years ago, they both traveled
with me all over the nation, and a couple of places abroad. 
The two art teachers are from Alexandria and Pineville.  They both
teach at the high school level, one in a private school, and the other
in a public school.  They have taken several classes from me over
the years, and they both have work in the show. 

The art show will be up for another month till the end of

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month, and we will be
doing another giveaway.  We have put together a large basket of
Pea Patch goodies: a bag of peas, a cookbook, jams and jellies,
honey butter, one of my photos, and a gift book.
You can register for the gift basket, and do some taste testing
of some of our products: jalapeno jelly and cream cheese, and
honey butter with graham crackers.

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