Thursday, September 27, 2012

Product Display

I am continuing to get in products that I am having
manufactured with my designs. Here is another canvas
scripture photo and the matching note cards.  The canvases
are 11 x 14, gallery wrapped, and sell for $60.00. 
The note cards (4 x 6) come in sets of 4 with envelopes,
and sell for $10.00.   These two products will be available
at the gallery, and after I attend the wholesale gift market
in Dallas in January, hopefully in a
gift store near you! 
I call this line, "Glory Bee Graphics", and I will have
several designs in the line.  You can see many of them in
the gallery now, and several more by
Open House on November 8th. 
Thanks for your support!
Glory Bee Graphics Canvas prints: $60.00
Note cards  $10 a set


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