Monday, September 17, 2012

Pieces of Scrap

These are some of the scrap pieces I have been collecting.  Most of
these I found yesterday down in Sunset, LA.

As you see, I had lots of help today.

More bits and pieces....

These are the windows I bought yesterday.  I washed them off
today, and they were trying to dry, in the rain!

I am working on this one.  That is a photo of Monet's famous bridge in his
water garden in Giverny, France.  I thought it would look nice in the green
window.  I am going to add a chalkboard across the bottom panes.....maybe with
a corkboard in the middle. 

Had some time today to work on some of this "junk art".  It is always fun to
put pieces together, and see what I can come up with.  And there are really
no there is no pressure!

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