Monday, December 31, 2012

Countdown to Dallas

Some of the window chalkboards, waiting to be packed up

More waiting to be packed....

The one in the front has some cowboy boots on will sell first!

And all the bags (1000 of them!) have to have tags tied on...

These are the GHS Enterprises tags I had printed. 

I said I was busy packing things up for the Dallas
wholesale show...well, here is
the proof!  I thought I would take a couple of pics of some
of it waiting to be packed up for the 5 hour trip.  I have ordered
some clear wrap that will wrap all the breakable items
(glass windows, etc), and I will load those in my
Suburban.  The booth set up will
be loaded in a U-Haul trailer that I will pull behind me,
along with all of the canvas bags that are in boxes. 
Some of my sweet employees are tagging all the bags,
even as I speak here (they took some home to work on!) 
I am still in the process of making some neat
one-of-a-kind pieces to take as well.  And this weekend,
I hope to pick up some unusual antique items to go
along with all this vintage-looking stuff.  The countdown
is definitely on...but I will be

Dallas Wholesale Market   January Show  Jan 15th-22

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