Friday, December 21, 2012

Duck Tape

Inside the back of the shadowbox...having to take it apart.

Where the print slipped...see how it is off in the corner.

After I taped it back, I used the point driver gun to
put the backing back on

Checking to make sure there is not lint under the glass, etc

Re-attaching the certificate to the back of the shadowbox

And the finished project waiting to be picked up.

I don't talk about all the framing I do very much.  But this time of year, I do
A LOT!  I thought some of you might like this piece.  It is the newly released
limited edition duck print sponsored by the Duck Commander group. 
It was brought to me already in the shadowbox...I did not do that part of the
frame.  It was shipped to the customer, and the print had slipped away
from the mat.  So, I had to undo the entire shadowbox, re-tape the print,
and then put it all back together.  
I have done shadowboxes before...mostly for brides with their keepsakes.
They are very time consuming and tedious.  I was glad I did not have
to do this one....just fix it!


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