Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lots of kids

Today was a day filled with children. At the
gallery, we had a children's photographer set
up to take Halloween costume portraits. We
had some pirates, a mermaid, a couple of
pumpkins, and some tears and some smiles.
We also had Sarah who does ceramic plates
with designs made from children's feet and
hand prints. The children have to put their
feet in some wet glaze and step on the plates,
and then she uses that to make the design:
reindeer, butterflies, frogs, etc. You just have
to see them to understand. I don't know her
website, but I will post it.
I was teaching in the studio, and we could hear
lots of activity in the front of the building. I think
it was enjoyed by all.

Staying in the children mode, I have to do this
portrait of these siblings. I am starting it tonight,
and will post as I make some progress.
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