Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I do a few children's
portraits. I can't say
that I enjoy doing
them; I enjoy them
when they are finished
and I can present
them to the client
and they are pleased.
The drawings themselves
are never easy.
Anyone that does
portraits knows that
unless you have it
exactly right, it will not look
like them. And you can't always
put your finger on what isn't

I had a woman and her parents come in the gallery the other day with a little girl about 3, and a boy in a wheelchair about 13. The boy was unresponsive, and obviously severly handicapped.
They had an envelope with them, and she wanted me to do a children's portrait. She pulled out a photo of a little boy in a huge black cowboy hat. She went on to explain that it was Scotty, her son, before the accident. And it was one of the only photos she had of him at that time. I was heartbroken, and certainly agreed to do it.

This is part of the drawing of Scotty that I have just started.

Scotty original colored pencil SOLD
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