Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pen and Ink poster-finished

I haven't been posting everyday because I have
been working on this piece. This is the finished
pen and ink part of the poster for the Boerne
Christmas festival. It is fairly large, 17 x 21, and it
has taken me several days to finish all the ink
work. Now I will run several copies and do some
color schemes that will be approved, and then I
will do the final painting on the poster. It will be
a challenge because they want it to portray the
festival at night, so that the lights on the buildings
will show up!? In watercolor, there is no white I am not sure how I am going to pull it
off. I think I can do the lights in colored pencil;
it is waxy and will resist the watercolor. So there
will be some glow saved around the image.
We'll see!!

I tried tonight to view the new website that is
posting the Last Supper by Leonardo. My little
computer was not able to bring up a clear image,
unless there is something I don't know to do.
If anyone knows, let me know.
I went to Italy over a year ago, and visited Venice,
Florence, and Rome. I was able to paint on location
in all three cities, and my show last Christmas at the
gallery included all the work from the Italy trip.
I may start posting some of that work during this
Christmas season. From now till then, I will be doing
lots of commission portraits for gifts.

Thanks for viewing. I sold two of the Alaska pieces
this week, before the show even opened. One of the
customers was from England, and she bought a moose.
You never know....
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