Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Scotty

I have been working on this
drawing of Scotty all day
today. I have redone his
features several times
(thank goodness for
erasers) I think I have the
likeness well now, and I
will work on the background
and his clothing next.
Should be finished

I am doing a presentation tomorrow at a
church in Natchitoches, LA. Several
years ago, I had done a series of artwork
with a teacup theme...a kind of "my cup
runneth over" show. A good friend was
helping with a women's tea down in New
Orleans, and she asked me to come and
speak to the group, and my "teacup ministry"
was born. I give an inspirational talk about
dealing with adversity, and sell my art
and t-shirts, etc. God has really blessed this
ministry; I have spoken to large and small
groups all over the state in the last several years.
If you are interested in me addressing your
group, you can email me.
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