Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Mule and A Museum

Here is the finished drawing of the mule, and the destination
for it in about a month. I visited the Schepis Museum in
Columbia, Louisiana today to see the space, and get an idea
of the show's arrangement and installation. It is a really
nice space. The building was built in 1916, and is Italian
architecture. There are two statues on top; George Washington
holding an American flag, and Christopher Columbus holding
an Italian flag. An American eagle flies above them, and an
Italian coat of arms is placed in the center. John Schepis was
an architect in Italy, and immigrated to America, and eventually
built this structure in the riverboat town of Columbia on the
Ouachita River. Over the years the building has been a
mercantile store, a feed and seed business, even a skating
rink. It was restored in 1993 after being placed on the National
Historic Register in 1985. Today it houses the museum with
rotating exhibits, the Caldwell Parish Downtown Development,
and the Chamber of Commerce.
It is fitting that part of my "Destinations" show will include
Italy. Also in the show will be Alaska, Key West, Big Bend,
New York City, and New Orleans. I am excited and will
post you on the progress.

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