Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wild about Flowers

It was a busy day here, and I have not been able to draw or
paint today. These are two more of the many photos I took
yesterday, of wildflowers and wildlife around our home. I
do not know the name of the little blue wildflowers..but they
are all over our pasture. They lend a blue hue as you look
out across it. This butterfly is on the hawthorne bush that
is part of our landscaping in the yard. Huey (one of the cats)
spotted it as I was photographing it, and soon after this
picture, he made an unsuccessful attempt at butterfly
nabbing..and landed head first into these bushes. He
disappeared beneath their branches, and emerged looking
rather sheepish on the other side. He is always very
I took the two pencil drawings of Mattie and Essie Mae to
the Tom Peyton Memorial Art show in Alexandria today.
The opening reception is Friday night. We'll see how
they do.

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