Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Longhorn-Big Bend

This longhorn will be in the show with the Big Bend artwork.
It is done in colored pencil, and is large: 22 x 30. It has been
on display and for sale in a store in Dallas for awhile and has
not sold. I picked it up recently so that it could be included in
this "Destinations" show. Maybe a University of Texas fan
will happen along and take him home.

I have a small aquarium and recently added some mollies.
As I fed them this morning, I was amazed to see some
tiny little fish swimming all over the place! I guess I had
bought a pregnant fish without knowing it. Anyway, I
set up a separate tank tonight to put the babies in....I
read that the adults would eat them! so all 13 of them are
safe for now in their new home. We have a home for the we need one for the longhorn!

Longhorn orig colored pencil 22 x 30 framed $850.00
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