Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am not afraid...

Here's a "Riddle Pic" with a bug that most people
are afraid of! Living where we do, we always
have lots of these everywhere. One night as I
walked across the patio, I spotted a huge wolf
spider. As I looked closer, I could see that she
was covered with tiny baby spiders, thousands
of them...ugh. Isn't nature amazing?

I am still planning on painting on location at
the Garden Tour in Shreveport this weekend.
It is called: Le Tour des Jardins and is sponsored
by the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners.
There are six gardens on the tour, and two
community project gardens. There are six
artists involved with the plein air painting and
we also get to have a booth at the LSUS Pioneer
Heritage Center. If you want more info, you can
contact them at 318-698-0010 or
hopefully I won't run into any spiders.....
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