Monday, April 7, 2008

Smiler's-New York City

This is one more of the "Destinations"
show pieces. It is "Smiler's Grocery"
in New York City. I was there in the
fall of the year (note the pumpkins
on the ground), and did this small
watercolor. I was there for a reception
for an American Artist's Professional
League show in which I had a piece.
New York is great in the fall, and I
have had the privelege to go several
times at that time of the year. (I have
been in the AAPL show nine times!)
Anyway, I love the colorful little
grocery stores, so different from our
huge superstore grocery stores. Of
course, New Yorkers go in and buy
just what they can carry home with
them for the evening...I load up my
suburban with a week's worth!

"Smiler's" orig wc 16 x 20 framed
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