Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ellis Island-Pencil

This is a pencil drawing of Ellis Island, and the ferry
that brought me to the island. I took this photo late
in the afternoon...hence the long shadows. It was
extremely cold..hence no people enjoying sitting
outside. This drawing will be included in the
"Destinations" show in the New York City group.

I laid out the whole show today in my own gallery.
I have plenty of work, and it will all fit nicely. In
the main gallery room will be the Italian pieces,
the Big Bend work, and the Alaska ones. Down the
hallway will be the Key West artwork. And in the
red room, New Orleans and New York will be
featured. I just have a few left to be framed, and
then it will all be ready.

I attended the reception for the Peyton Memorial
Art show last night, and it was very nice. I received
my award, and visited with several artist friends
and teachers. The show is varied, and has a nice
blend of traditional and contemporary work. If some
of you are in the Alexandria area, you should really
try to go by and see the show. It is at the First
United Methodist Church and lasts until the 12th.

Ellis Island Ferry original pencil drawing 22 x 29
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