Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pork E.Pine

I've mentioned before that as
artists, we never know exactly
what we might be doing next.
I guess these photos need some
Our little town hosts the world's
largest "Hog Dog Trials" every
spring. It is a competition that
hog hunters bring their dogs to
where they compete how well
they can bay a wild hog....I know,
we have invited Jeff Foxworthy.
Anyway, the Chamber of Commerce
owns these 800 lb. concrete hogs
that are sponsored by businesses
to help promote the trials. They
are painted and decorated in various
ways by the businesses as a competition
as well.
This is my hog for this year. I spent the
day painting him...white first, to cover
last year's old paint, and then the "E's",
and finally the pine garland...."Pork E. Pine."
When others around town are finished,
I will try to post some of them...they are
always hilarious.
Hope you have a "high on the hog" weekend.

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