Friday, April 3, 2009

Dogwood...signs of Spring

Taking a break, haven't drawn anything today. It is beautiful
outside. We have been having some really violent storms, and this
morning, was no different. The day started with thunder and lightening,
and a dark ominous sky, and heavy rain. By noon, however, it had
disappeared and the sun came out. The rest of the day was gorgeous. A
stiff breeze, cool temperatures, and lots of flowers...
These are dogwood blossoms, a real sign of Spring in the South. They
have been described as the flower of the passion of Christ. The center
represents the crown of thorns. The four petals indicate the cross, and
the blood-stained nail scars are on each petal. We have several of these
trees, and I look forward to their white blossoms every year. I thought
they were appropriate with Easter right around the corner.
I was asked today to submit a colored pencil drawing for the silent auction
at the Colored Pencil Society Convention this summer in Atlanta. It is an
honor to be selected. I will have to decide what to send. will post...
dogwood photos available por

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