Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Stand by Me"

I was just watching Headline News, and there was a story
about a documentary featuring street musicians. The film
maker taped street musicians singing the same song, and
put it all together. I believe you can watch it on YouTube.
I was so amused to see this delightful old man included in
the documentary. I took these photos of him in New Orleans
the day before I left for London. I joined the crowd listening to him
perform on a street corner along Royal St. in the French Quarter.
The film maker then arranged for all of them to be on Jay Leno;
he said several of them didn't even know who Jay Leno was!
They sang the song "Stand by Me", and I think he said he had
plans for them to do more. Will have to watch for it...too cool.
Leave me a comment if you saw it, or have watched it on YouTube.
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