Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return to the Mill

Back last century (ha!), I taught a young man named
Don McIntyre in my Gifted and Talented Visual Arts class.
My classes always did drawings of local landmarks to be
included in a calendar that we sold each year as a fundraiser.
This old mill, Gaar's Mill, was the subject of one of Don's
drawings. One of the members of the Gaar family bought
the original drawing. They brought it to me this week, and
wanted to know if I could draw another one for them, so
I agreed. How wierd is the teacher copying her students'
drawing?! Anyway, this is the start of it.

As for Don, he works at the Wind River Ranch in
Colorado. A Christian dude ranch of sorts...I have not been
there, but he sends me their newsletter, and it looks wonderful..
They have cabins and all kinds of family activities for their
guests; check out their website:
It would make a great family destination.

I also heard from someone who purchased my latest travel
sketchbook from Paris; she was on the trip as well. And she
said it was even "better than she expected!" Thanks, Bea

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