Friday, July 3, 2009

Photo Time

I met with George, my printer, today. We worked on all
the Paris photos that he will enlarge for the show in the
fall. We picked out some neat ones; I'm sure they will be
spectacular. He enlarges them to 30 x 45, and prints them
on canvas, so they almost look like a painting.
He had these ready for me as well. These are printed on
archival paper, and are 16 x 20. The ocean
scene is from a trip to San Diego. The golden
aspens were in Santa Fe, and the
winter woods are in Winter Park ski
resort, where I met my
husband! They are beautiful as well.
I will mat and frame them up, and they will be for sale at
the gallery. I am doing some more in this scripture series,
and plan to do some coordinating notecards, journals, etc.
Hopefully, they will all be available before Christmas.
Remember, I will either draw the winner for the latest
giveaway tomorrow, or I will extend the deadline for a
few more to enter!

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