Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bullet 1

Here's the beginning of the colored pencil
drawing of "Bullet"....will keep working.

In colored pencil drawing, I start with the
lightest colors, and lightly begin to color
with them. Then I gradually build up layers
of color, adding the darker ones as I go.
Because the pencils are transparent, the
under-lying colors show through, and the
drawings seem to glow. This is the method
I like best. I do not burnish my drawings;
that is, bear down until the lead is slick. I
like to leave them with many of the pencil
strokes showing; so that it looks more like
a drawing instead of a painting. Some colored
pencil artists refer to their work as "colored
pencil paintings", but I have always called them
drawings. To each his own....

If you would like more info on drawing with colored
pencils, you can go to the Colored Pencil Society
website: I also teach colored
pencil workshops and lessons. Feel free to contact
me at the gallery if you are interested.
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