Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas wishes to all! These are the
Christmas elves that put on a skit at our home
on Christmas eve. They are my daughter and
her husband, my nephews Matt, Andrew, and
John, my nieces Katie, Dorothy Ann, and Caroline,
and Andrew's fiance Rachel. They recited the
following poem with their corresponding letter:
"C"is for the Christ Child,
Born on this special day.
He left His home in heaven
To come and show us the way.
"H" is for the Herald angels
Who proclaimed His holy birth.
They sang unto the shepherds,
The lowly here on earth.
"R" is for Redeemer,
What He came down to be.
The promise of redemption
Here now for you and me.
"I" is for Israel,
The chosen ones of old.
From whom would come Messiah
That prophets had foretold.
"S" is for the stall,
So small and dark and cold.
The light of the world it cradled
for so the story is told.
"T" is for the treasures
Brought by the wise men three.
To give the holy Christ child
And worship His divinity.
"M" is for Mother Mary,
The purest God could find.
She offered to bear God's son
And was gentle, loving and kind.
"A" is for All mankind
Blessed by God that joyous day.
Our hopes fulfilled, our peace attained,
Following Jesus, the one true way.
"S" is for Salvation
That He came down to give.
He suffered, died and rose again
So eternally we could live.
This all spells out "Christmas"
That means so much to me.
It's more than Santa, gifts, and songs,
It's more than we really see.
For if you spell out Christmas
The way God would have us do,
It should be about the Christ child
And His love for me and you.
I was coming home in the car the other
day and listening to the radio. I heard this
great old song by Bing Crosby, and in it,
he spelled out "Christmas" in little rhyming
verses. I tried to remember what I had
heard, and came home and composed this
little poem. Some of it is based on what I
could remember from the lyrics, and then
I composed the rest. I made the little
letter posters with wrapping paper, and
put the corresponding poem on the back,
and the kids read them, all in a row.
Feel free to pass this poem on, or use it
yourself for a devotional moment or program.
Or re-write to suit your needs...I would be
honored to have it used and passed along.
may God bless us all, everyone.
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