Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bluebird of Happiness

I have been watching the bluebirds in the yard, and I
managed to get a few good pics of them yesterday
and this morning.  I have several birdhouses, and
they use them every spring.  And successfully, I see,
by the young bird out on his own this morning. 
I spotted him on the branch, and his mother came once
and gave him a tidbit.  He was content to stay right there, and I
was glad, because I had 3 very active cats wandering
around my legs, watching me take photos.  It would have
turned into a scene from "Wild Kingdom"...survival of the fittest!
I'm glad the baby bird lived to see another day. 
Hopefully, I will see him again.

I have hung all of the "bird" art in the gallery,
and will have an opening soon. I am going to 
print up some small prints of 
these bluebirds, too.  

Small Print/Bluebird  $12.00
Large Print/Bluebird  $25.00

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