Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunflowers in a Minute

In last week's adult art class, one of my
students wanted to paint some sunflowers.
She is a beginner watercolor student, very
self-motivated and sweet.
I did this small piece as a demonstration for
her. I painted it quickly and with loose strokes,
giving it a spontaneous feeling.  I added the
touches of pastel and colored pencil when the paint
was dry.
She will be working on her's in class tomorrow, and I will
try to post her results.

I have about 7 weeks before I go back to the wholesale market in
Dallas.  I have been busy working on some things to take
to the show...so busy, I haven't been able to blog!  I will try to
post some of those as well.


Sunflowers in Blue Vase  12 x 16  $50

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