Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Not so Angry Bird"

Just heard from the CPSA International Exhibition,
 and this drawing made it in!  I am pleased, because it is
 very hard to get into this show.  There are entries from
all over the world, and the talent is amazing. 
You just never know what the judge is looking for.
Last year when I attended the convenion, I remember
 the juror stating that he looks for drawings that will
complete his vision for the show.  He
selected pieces in certain catagories..florals,
landscapes, people, etc...until he felt there were
enough in that catagory?!  Anyway, I feel that all
the best work should be in...no matter what the
subject matter.  But I guess that is why he was the
 juror and I wasn't!!   But I am glad that the juror
this year thought mine was worthy of selection...woohoo!


This piece will be on display at the Pea Patch Gallery in Winnfield
until I have to ship it to the show, if you would like to see it
up close.  Thanks!

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