Sunday, April 21, 2013


This is a pastel drawing that I did awhile back, and
I sold it this week to a collector.  I did this during
a garden tour, where I was painting on location.

These are some geraniums on my patio, and I thought
I would do a little
painting on location at home!

This is my finished pastel drawing that I did while
enjoying the beautiful
weather outside today.

Generally, I work from light to dark...and as
it starts to take shape, it is made up of only the
light values...the paler colors.  It never really looks
complete, until the darks are added.  It is the contrast that
adds the final touches.  It is not a complete design
without the darker parts.

As I thought back over this incredible week, the loss,
the sorrow, and the heartache from so many
tragedies (here and across our nation), I could not
help but take notice also of the heroism, the outpouring
of compassion, and the unity of spirit among so many
as well.  It was like the light and the dark existing
side by in great artwork.  So it is, that life is
not truly experienced except when we face both good and 
bad, highs and lows, true joy and great sorrow.  And it is
our God who never forsakes us or fails matter what the
situation.  I pray that you have been able to find His peace
in some small way this week.
I know I have.


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