Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Shout Out

Started on a new project, with a new toy!  I finally ordered the
Icarus Drawing board by Ester Roi.  It is a glass drawing board,
that has an adjustable heated side.  Using the wax based pencils on the
heated surface makes them soft and easy to blend.

This is a small drawing, 8 x 9, but it went really fast.  It is
so easy to draw and get color on the paper.  It also helps my
arthritic fingers as well! I do not have to use very much pressure
to draw, and that is great!

Final stages here....I added the shadows, details, and then the
background.  I cropped it off to tighten in on the blue glove (which I had
to make up), and to lesson the background.  There is still the white area
across the top, and I have to decide whether to leave it white or not.

Ester's invention is quite revolutionary.  She markets them to
colored pencil and oil pastel artists all over the world.  You
can visit her website to view her amazing artwork, and
see her product. 


"Mardi Gras Madness"
colored pencil  8 x 9   $100.00

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