Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Egrets

 Wow! I have always wanted to see these egrets nesting down
at Lake Martin at the rookery there.  I had a chance to drive down
there today, and I was able to see them and take some photos.  They
are absolutely beautiful...their snow white plumage and lime green
eyes among all the grey branches and trunks.  There are hundreds of
them, scattered all through the swampy area around the lake.  They
can be seen from the nearby road that runs by the lake.

The wind was really blowing, and some of their feathers were flowing
in the wind.  They were busy making their nests.  The males were
breaking branches from the trees, and taking them to the females to add
to the nest.  There was a great deal of sqawkiing and chatter going on too.
They are quite vocal, and with so many so close together, it was very

Just another great reminder of God's wonderful creation...
hope your Sunday was filled with worship and wonder.
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