Saturday, March 22, 2014

Life is in the Details

Took a nature walk see the signs of spring!

This is my wisteria....poised to bust open any minute with big
beautiful purple blooms

This tree is starting to do something...with these neat little tassels...
very oriental

This is a scary face in a tree!!

This is a fern that was nipped by the very late
freeze we had recently

And this is yellow grows wild in the woods around
my home.  And it is full bloom all over the place.  I love
the color is a "happy" color.

Many of these photos are the small things....tiny details
that you have to really look for to be able to notice.
I love doing that.  It is like a treasure hunt, which I used to
do with my parents.  We would go for walks, and try to
find "treasures"...whether we were at the beach, or the
lake, or just out in the country.  It might be a piece of a
shell, or a pretty rock, or a turkey feather (which I found
today).  They taught me to be observant, and to notice the
fascinating details found in nature all around us.  And it can
be a time of gratitude and appreciation for all that God
has blessed us with all around us.

It is also a skill that is useful as an artist.  A lot of my work
involves detailed work just like these photos.  I hope that you
enjoy all of it!  Thanks for your support!

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