Thursday, March 6, 2014

This Bud's for You

Managed to get out in the yard last weekend...still no sunshine,
but a few flowers peeking out.  These yellow jonquils are always the
first to bloom. This would make a great watercolor.

Tulip magnolia and friend

Paper whites...charming

More jonquils or daffodils, and a free-loader

And this is my Bradford pear tree...always beautiful in the
Spring.  It is just budding out, and the bees are already hard
at work.

I started drawing this one....may take me awhile!  Just getting
started...working on color combinations.  There will be many
more layers, details, and some blending with the solvent. 
More to come....

If you haven't left me a comment on this blog for the giveaway
this March, it is not too late.  Just leave a comment, and I will put your
name in the hat.  Thanks!

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