Friday, March 28, 2014

The End of the Art

Robert Guthrie

I am so sad today to learn of the death of Robert Guthrie, a renowned
watercolor artist from New Orleans.  I have always LOVED his
colorful and playful.  He captured the spirit of New Orleans and anything he
painted with such joy and exuberance.
 I own one of his prints,  of a shotgun house in
the French Quarter. I wish I had bought one of
his originals.  He was found dead at his home earlier this month,
and they believe he died of a heart attack.  He was only 56 (which is my
age as well.)  I think if is hard for me to think about an artist
never being able to create anymore...of their artistic endeavors
ending, way too soon.  There are so many ideas still in my head...
I so want to have the chance to do many more works of art.
I pray I have the opportunity.

His work is being carried by Gallery Rinard in New Orleans on Royal Street.
I am planning to go as soon as possible to buy a couple of prints,
and maybe an original, if there are any left!
Rest in Peace.

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