Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pea Patch Pig

Pigs on Parade

It's time for the Hog Dog trials again!  And I got some GREAT help today
painting my pig.  My students agreed to paint it today, and they had
so much fun.  It is going to be "Pea Patch Pig...with the letter
"P" and a patch of fabric.  So, that's what they painted today....just the
letter and the patch.  I will come back and add the finishing details.

The tutu pig was finished today, and is "Hog Wild".  There will be many
more finished this week...will try to keep posting.

(For those of you not familiar with this tradition:  Our little town hosts the largest
hog dog competition in the world every March.  Hunters with dogs come from
everywhere, and enter their dogs in a hog baying contest, where they must
keep the wild hog pinned in the corner, etc. The businesses paint these concrete
hogs downtown to help celebrate...just for fun)


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