Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art from the Heart

One of the ladies that travels with me is very special.
She is well into her eighties, and as spunky as ever.
I adore her, and she always brightens my time on the
One of her friends bought this little sketchbook for her
before the trip. It is a published book of Fabrice Moireau's
lovely drawings and watercolors of Paris. And she
wanted me to add to it as an additional gift to her. So,
tonight, I added this bicycle drawing to one of the
blank pages (it has several throughout, to let you add
your thoughts and artwork). I plan to do several more
little original snip-its to personalize this keepsake for her.
Don't forget to register for the give-away; the Paris
painting will be given away this Saturday during my
watercolor workshop. That reminds me...I have a
workshop schedule for the summer art classes. I believe
it is on the website: www.peapatchgallery.com or you
can let me know, and I can snail mail one to you.
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