Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Tiger Woods"

This is the finished "Riddle Pic" titled "Tiger Woods".
It is headed for the Colored Pencil Society of America's
annual convention to be held in Atlanta, GA in early
August. It will be auctioned off there.
I debated about the wood names at the bottom...I asked
my husband what the three most common woods were
and he said: oak, pine, and cedar. Then I went online, and
looked at some more, and decided they needed the word
"wood" in them, so viewers would be saying the word
when they read give them a better chance at
guessing the riddle. So I named them Maplewood,
Cottonwood, and Rosewood. Those names happen to
mean something to me. Maplewood is the name of the
street where one of my favorite aunts lives; Cottonwood
is the English word for the Spanish word Alamo; (you know
I grew up in San Antonio) and I have another relative whose
last name is Wood, and when they knew they were having a
little girl..they joked around about naming her Rose.
So, just some more added fun to the pun.
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