Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show Time

There are always a lot of juried shows in the Fall that
I usually enter. The deadlines are approaching quickly.
These two photographs are going to be in the Contemporary
Artist's Guild show at the Alexandria Museum this summer.
The top one is a photo of some huge leaves that had fallen
in a pond in Costa Rica. I stood on a bridge over them and
captured the reflections in the water as well as the leaf
patterns. The second one is taken from behind a huge
waterfall that I managed to squeeze behind. The water
was roaring down just a few feet from me, and I was
damp from the spray. I can still hear the roar when I
look at this photo. I had a visitor in the gallery awhile back,
and they were from Costa Rica. He told me that an
earthquake had struck the area around the waterfall, and
the entire face of the cliff had fallen off. The waterfall had
completely changed, and the event killed and injured
several people. It makes me very sad; for the people
and for the circumstances. But I am glad that I was able
to take some of the last photos of this beautiful scene.
Photos on Canvas 30 x 40 $400.00 each
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