Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To flip or to flop

I have abandoned painting Paris for the beach...or
at least beach-wear. After I did the cute little flower
canvases, I thought these colorful flip flops would be
fun. They are 12 x 12 on canvas, and I am planning
to hang them with some funky ribbon. Anyway, they
would look great in a kid's room or sunroom...or at
the beach house.
That is the trouble with us creative folks. We get
inspired by lots of things, and go off in all kinds of
directions. I think I have mentioned this here before...
difficulty staying focused. I will be back with the
Paris stuff for the show in the fall soon....now that I
have square bright colored canvases out of my system.
Maybe I will paint some Paris ones...that would be
Original Flip Flop Canvases 12 x 12 $45 each
(check out the comment on the Cafe post...

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