Friday, August 14, 2009

The Buzz at the Pea Patch

We never know who might show up at the Pea Patch
Cafe. Some of you will remember Ruth Buzzi...she was
a regular on "Laugh In", the comedy show from the 70's.
She happens to be married to the nephew of one of our
Winnfield residents. And they were here visiting yesterday.
They had lunch in the cafe...and she was a delight. She
signed some autographs, and then her talented husband
played the piano, and they both sang for the crowd. It
was a hoot!

We had another celebrity in the shop one day. I greeted this
man and his friend, and they said they were just browsing.
My employees kept saying, "Isn't that guy someone famous?"
And I said, "He looks like Sean Penn, but what would he be
doing here?!" Anyway, it WAS him; they were filming "All
the King's Men" in New Orleans, and he was in Winnfield
researching the Long family.
So, you never know....
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