Monday, August 24, 2009

Paris Prints

I have been playing with my new printer..I did these 3
nice black and white designs from photos I took in Paris.
I used Photoshop to enhance the photos, and then printed
them 12 x 12 on art paper. I have some beautiful black
frames that I am going to frame them in. I hope to have
them finished by Friday.
I have an exhibit starting this weekend at Cabrini hospital
in Alexandria. They recruit different artists to hang their
work in the hallway at the hospital. The exhibit will move
to the Rapides Hospital in October. I am taking a variety of
work: some colored pencil originals and prints, some pencil
portraits and drawings, some photographs (including these)
and some watercolors. It should be a nice grouping.
I will try to post some pics of the exhibit. I am hanging it on Friday.

12 x 12 Paris Prints Framed $150 each

Who knows where each of these images can be found in Paris?

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