Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blooms and Birds

A few more spring images....spent some time
outside this morning before work. It was a beautiful
day, at last.
I never get tired of seeing the first yellow daffodils.
I think they are jonquils, technically speaking, but I
like the word "daffodil" better. The tulip magnolia is
one of the first things to bloom, too. I planted it several
years ago. The tree itself has never gotten very large,
but it manages to bloom every year. The pear trees are
starting to bloom all over town, and I always enjoy
seeing them, too. And the friendly mockingbird loves
to swoop down on the cats as they walk across the yard.
I believe he is protecting a nest, and he can become
quite testy. But he does provide some great entertainment;
one time I stopped and really listened, and he did 14 different
bird songs before he repeated. quite amazing.
I am still working on the portrait. Will post when I have
something to be proud of!

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