Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Spring Sunday

Ahhh...a beautiful spring Sunday; a day to worship,
visit with family, relax, and enjoy being outside.
This is the view out of my front door. Enjoy!
I sent in the CPSA entries: "Pop Art" and "A Wrinkle
in Time" (that was the most popular title). The show is
being held in California this year. It rotates around; different
chapters of the organization host it each time. The show is
held in conjunction with the annual convention. There is a
banquet, workshops, and the opening reception for the show.
I have been to several of the conventions: Brea, California,
Chicago, and Memphis. I received my signature status in
Memphis. I stayed at the Peabody Hotel, and enjoyed
watching the ducks. (if you don't know about
Peabody ducks!!). It was a very important goal for me to
receive the signature status. Hopefully I will get into the
show again this year, and will be able to attend the convention.
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